2008 All-Star Game | 07/13/08

The All-Star Game is on Tuesday and on Sunday I found out Kerry Wood was going to be replaced by none other than Carlos Marmol. Although Marmol has been awful lately, if he's able to bring his "A-Game", he will be the most unhittable pitcher available. Too bad you don't know which Marmol you'll get anymore. For that reason I'd have to keep him on the bench which is pretty sad. In his defense he'd probably be nervous and overthrow and his fastball would likely be over 100mph so it wouldn't really matter if his slider was 50' off the plate.

Looking at the lineups, I don't really see how the National League could lose except that Cliff Lee is really good. As far as hitting though, I'd much rather have the NL lineup--especially as you work your way towards the bottom. Kevin Youkalis wouldn't even be an All-Star in the Glover Park Softball League, so the fact he's there at all is just fantastic for the NL. To a lesser extent, this is true for Dustin Pedroia. Thank God for stupid Boston fans voting in their crappy players (and crappy players voting for their crappy-playing friends).

The Cubs have too many All-Stars. I would have only sent Dempster and Soto. Fukudome is a fine player but not an All-Star. Whatever. This is the NL's year which is good because the Cubs are going to the World Series and clearly can only win at home.


BU (Unknown)

Baseball entries would be twice as interesting if Fukudome watched Alias.

Tree (Unknown)

Game ends 1:38am Eastern Time, A.L. wins 4-3 on a Michael Young sac fly to score Justin Morneau in 15 innings for the win. Tied for longest innings, longest game in minutes in All Star history. Guys on ESPN radio (I was driving home from Alan's) speculated the game would be called a tie after 18. Two missed called for stolen bases at 2nd, and talk about anti-clutch A.L. And J.D. Drew is the MVP, the cherry to top the Yankee Stadium turd. And now, 9pm WFLD news at 12:53am.



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