All-Star Game Recap | 07/16/08

First, to those of you who are in the Tie-Breaker, the results will be posted tomorrow as I evaluate the quality of your tie-breaking stories.

I went over to Jamie's to watch the All-Star game and I really, really thought the NL was going to win it. The pitching on both sides was dominant and although they gave the MVP Award to Red Sox (and FSU alum) JD Drew, I would have given it to Aaron Cook of the Rockies who pitched around Dan Uggla's three-error-inning with the bases loaded and no outs. All of the Cubs played well--even MARMOL who came in the game in the 13th and got through the inning in just 12 pitches with two strike outs. It was a good game so it's hard to assign the blame for the loss. Brian McCann for not blocking the plate when the winning run scored? Corey Hart for taking his sweet time to make the throw? Brad Lidge for pitching into that terrible situation? Clint Hurdle for allegedly making Lidge throw over 100 in the bullpen before he came in the game?

I watched the whole game and when 1:40am rolled around there was a little part of me that it was just thankful it was over. Now the Cubs will have their work cut out for them having to travel to Tampa for FOUR games in the World Series.


Tree (Unknown)

Tampa is not even in 1st place anymore, National Leaguer sports fan. I really don't think they'll go to the playoffs. Those idiot managers burned through their rosters again. And don't under-estimate the American League... there's a resaon why they win every year. They can hit. And one shouldn't talk playoffs in July... that angers the Baseball Gods.

SC (Unknown)

I hadn't heard about the Lidge thing in the pen. That sucks.

Mike (Unknown)

They can't hit any better than the NL can--4 runs in 15 innings is sad for both leagues. Apparently the pitching is pretty good on both sides at least through the aces.

I think Tampa will pull it off and at least make it to the playoffs. I just really hate the Red Sox and their fans (the most annoying in all of baseball for my dollar).

I think the AL is perceived as being "better" is because their divisional races are usually blowouts and they don't need to beat each other up grinding out a playoff birth whereas in the National League it typically comes down to the last few days to see who is going to make it and the teams have to burn out their stars to even get in.

KBS (Unknown)

Is baseball over yet?

Anna (Unknown)

It's tomorrow homeslice...

Mike (Unknown)

I'm working on it. I had to go to the DMV for like 400 hours.

Anna (Unknown)

unacceptable. don't you bloggie people know that I can't function if you don't post in a timely fashion? It's your civic duty!!

BU (Unknown)

After the 14th inning, Marmol's cover was blown by Arvin Sloane.



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