Life Trends | 07/22/08

Since I haven't updated for a while I thought I'd get back into it by showing the basic trends of how things have been going for the past week or two. As you can see, my work on the internetwebs has not been going very well and there is a guy in Minnesota to blame. Even though he has caused me great business distress, I wouldn't want to physically harm him--seeing him psychologically tortured would be fine with me.

The Cubs have also been doing really, really badly so I can't even take solace in watching them crush their opponents. When your starting pitcher gives up one hit in seven innings and you still lose...well, you're the Cubs.

The dog has received a lot more attention since I'm not as interested to sit in front of the computer when things aren't going as well. We've upped our walks from 1.2 miles to about double that. I've been breaking it up until two separate walks--one at 5:30 and one around 9pm depending on when the Cubs are playing losing.

In my new spare time I've been practicing and writing a lot more which is never a bad thing. You'll notice, sadly, that cleaning is still nowhere on the list.

And yeah, I'm pretty irritable. So yeah, that's what's up.


anna (Unknown)

when people talk about irritability i think about pms and gas. Do you need midol? immodium ad? I'd be glad to get them for you...

...why don't i know how to play steel drums yet?

Mike (Unknown)

I totally want to start a steel band when are you going to trek to the district to learn?

Then we can rock with *real* instruments.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Your irritability factor should go way down once you start beating me handily at MarioKart again. Love how Chompy agrees.

Elena (Unknown)

sorry we missed mario cart last night. Chris's parents were in town.



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