The Curse of the Fish | 07/23/08

When my brother went to Hong Kong he brought me back a camphor fish carving. It was pretty cool so I hung it over my front door in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, these fish were cursed because nothing good has happened since I've had them. Even though I have long-since taken them down, I think just because I have them in my house still I continue to feel the effects of the curse. Some of the things are stupid--like this company sending a package of musical goods to Tallahassee instead of my DC address (and then me embarrassingly having to ask Chris to get them as he prepares to move [which is in like a week!]). Some are more significant like the crushing internet blows these fish have dealt. Now, you might think that life is full of ups and downs and while I will give you that, I think these fish are singularly causing all of the downs. There are of course a number of things that are going my way but all of those were present before the cursed fish (like Chompy).

The reason I thought of the fish was last night there was a storm and when I let Chompy into the closet to hide, she knocked them over. The question fundamentally is: Do I destroy the fish? I feel like it's the best choice to make but if it doesn't solve anythings I'm going to keep having to set various things aflame until I find the right one. And that makes the dog nervous.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Do it (sorry, Steve). These fish clearly are affecting you on numerous levels, conscious and otherwise. So, peace out camphor fish carving.

SC (Unknown)

As the person who originally bought them for you, I wanted them to do nothing but bring good times. Since I have failed in that effort, light 'em up.

Tree (Unknown)

The only logical thing to do is burn them / blow them up. But the key is not to inhale any of the smoke, otherwise it'll get into your lungs and it'll be a part of you forever. If you can get your hands on some M-80s or some dynamite, then by all means, find a field and blow it up.



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