Pupis | 07/24/08

Here's a picture from Steve's gas bill. Last month, like most months, he used less than a 35-cent therm of gas--the bill for usage was $0.34. What I love about this particular bill is that it shows you explicitly how they're the screwing you. Below the usage is your monthly charge so you can see exactly how much they're charging you for...well, nothing. I understand everything has a markup. I recently learned that expensive belts cost just under $3 to produce and they sell for $30--that's a healthy 1000% markup. In Steve's case, he's paying over a 10,000% markup. I need to get into the gas business.

In other news, Jamie and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate the winning of her first case (it's the bottom one of course).

In other news, Chris is going to be here in less than a week! Get your Guitar Heroes ready!


SC (Unknown)

When I called to complain, the representative told me that the amount of gas I was using was barely enough to keep my pilots lit. I should also note that bill reflects two months worth of gas.



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