I've Got Two Rules | 08/04/08

And we're back in our nation's capital after a week-long jaunt to Lowell, MA to help Chris move into his new place (where he landed a teaching gig in case you didn't know). He and his new pup Oreo (pictured with big, meaty, Chompy) got to DC a week ago and we hung out here for a few days before leaving Chompy with Jamie and trekking to the great Northeast. His place is really nice and I regret not having taken pictures of it to post although I'd have to believe he will be doing that in the next few days. It was a really easy move (for me anyway) since his stuff was packed really efficiently and with the exception of a couch that didn't want to fit in an elevator (but ultimately did) and a heavy piano, everything was a breeze to haul inside and even the heavy things weren't too unruly.

His dog is TOO CUTE. I love Chompy but she has never really understood affection in a way that's not brutal. Oreo, on the other hand, plops in your lap at every opportunity. She would greet me each morning after Chris would take her out by flying into the bedroom and just slamming herself against me and chewing on my mullet. Too cute!

I could write about the trip for hours but my first concern is reclaiming the top link on Brian's new blog.


Jamie (Unknown)

That is a cute dog! And Chomp looks pissed.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Just how attached are you to those two rules? 'Cause...my bad. And, oops.

Mike (Unknown)

As Dr. Endrinal would say, "done and done".



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