100,000 Hits | 08/05/08

While I was in Lowell, the site collected its 100,000 hit. I need to dig up all of the emails with the predictions to see who won. I know it wasn't me or Steve since I remember us both picking my birthday (which is in October so start budgeting now). The hit came on July 31st, the day Chris and I left. I'm not exactly sure of the exact time but it was probably around 8pm.

Since only a handful of you regular readers work in computers let me quickly discuss the difference between a hit, a visitor, a click, and a pageview. A pageview is each time you look at a separate page of a site. For example, if you look at my blog and see there is a comment and click the comment button it takes you to a different page--that's two views. If you leave a comment then you're up to three. That's what this 100,000 is so it's kind of misleading. I personally define a hit as a single session. If your browser is open and you look at my blog six times then it's still one hit but if you close the browser each time then it's six hits. I don't think anything useful is measured in clicks anymore, unless you have Crazy Egg, which is pretty stupid. A visitor (or "unique visitor" in the lingo) is the most accurate of how much traffic your site gets but it's also the most saddening to see because it's the lowest. According to Google, this site gets about 200 uv's a day and between 300 and 500pv's (pageviews).

It's a new season for College Football Pick 'Em. There's one question on everyone's mind and it's "Is Chompy going to go back to back to back?" I'll field that one right now: heck yes.


BU (Unknown)

My numbers have always been intentionally low because I measure in Visits: people are counted the first time they hit any page of my site and then don't get counted again for the next five minutes. Self-visits don't count at all.

Mike C (Unknown)

If I didn't count self-visits I'd be on like 1500 after four years. I'm my own biggest fan.

Elena (Unknown)

dude - you're talking smack already!?!?! Well, this year, it's on like donkey kong!

Mike C (Unknown)

Of course I'm talking smack. I won the last two seasons! And let's face it, you're my only competition.



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