My Pedestrian Life | 08/06/08

In my attempt to experience the popular culture you all speak of so frequently, I've taken to two TV shows. Target had a sale on DVDs last time I was there and was able to pick up the entire series of Arrested Development for about $30. Since everyone I know has talked about how great it is, coupled with the fact that Fox canceled it, I figured it had to be good enough to get. Sure enough, I've made it into the last DVD of the first season and it's getting progressively funnier as it goes. I can see why Fox didn't keep it around--I think the humor is beyond most of America. That's too bad.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia does not have that problem. The subtleties of Arrested Development are traded for gratuitous and just retarded humor. It took almost the first full season before they hit their stride but now that I'm midway through the second it's getting pretty funny. The show is very quotable so I'm hoping that will help me enter popular conversation since I don't exactly have a bevy of movies quotes from which to draw. Show me with what you're working. I hate grammar. And grammar hates me.


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