FSU 2008 Schedule | 08/07/08

Ok, as the back to back winner of College Football Pick 'Em (and the 2nd place finisher the year before that) I feel as though I can safely write this entry without taking any crap from people. Although it's hard to guess how good a team will be without having seen them play a single game, as of right now these are my FSU picks.

Even though they'll be the Semi-Noles due to mass suspensions the first two games, I think they'll beat both WCU and arch-rival Chattanooga. I'm not saying they'll win handily but I think they'll Troy-win (look terrible the first half and might be losing but then Mickey Andrews near-stroke will inspire them to suck less). FSU 28 / WCU 17 | FSU 45 / UC 24

I think FSU will finally beat hated Wake Forest because WFU absolutely humiliated them last time they played in Tallahassee. 33-0 as I recall from being at the game. I remember Jamie and I leaving early (which we never did) because the game was such a rout. You're not the first team to be shut out at Bobby Bowden field and not want revenge. Sorry Kathy. FSU 24 / WFU 20

FSU will easily beat Colorado in Jacksonville. The Noles won a slopfest last year in Boulder and I think after the big win against Wake Forest, they'll still be feeling good enough to crush the Buffaloes. Sorry Mark C. FSU 25 / UC 13

I think Miami is going to be really good this year and will beat FSU in the non-Orange Bowl. It might be close but their thugs are tougher than our thugs. UM 17 / FSU 14

Although NC State plays FSU well, I think Chuck Amato will use his sway to ensure an FSU victory and possibly get some transfers. FSU 31 / NCSU 12

Since Virginia Tech is playing in Tallahassee and their best player has already been kicked off the team, I think FSU will "upset" the Hokies in a clash of has-beens. Neither team will be able to score against the other's defense but let's face it--VT's colors are absolutely hideous. FSU 15 / VT 9

I forgot that Georgia Tech even fielded a team anymore. Noles roll. FSU 32 / GT 24

Ever since Tommy Bowden's job was no-really-on-the-line Bobby's been letting him win. This year is no exception and even though I might hate Clemson more than Florida, I not blind enough in my fanhood to pick FSU. CU 24 / FSU 14

With all their good players gone, I could reasonably walk-on to the BC team. That's great for FSU. FSU 24 / BC 9

Even though most of us Northeasterners will be at this game, I think FSU gets upset by a surprising Maryland team. I always think FSU will lose to Maryland and they never do but this could be that year. UM 24 / FSU 18

Tim "I am Jesus Christ himself and need to be treated as such" Tebow runs for 300 yards but is unfortunately crippled on the last play of the game on a cheap shot by some third-string linebacker during Florida's romp of FSU. UF 42 / FSU 24 (because Urban "Run Up The Score But Pretends To Be Nicer Than Spurrier When In Reality Is Even More Of A Dick Because He Acts All Nice" Meyer will live up to his name).

FSU will play the University of Illinois in the Champs Sports Bowl and my dad and I will go to the game to root for our respective alma maters. After another disappointing season the frustrated Noles start Christian Ponder who passes for 600 yards and runs for another 400 as the anemic Illini get destroyed. FSU 84 / U of I 3.

It's too bad FSU is so weak because this is a dream schedule.


KBS (Unknown)

"hated WFU" = ouch

Go Deacs!
Go Noles!

See, either way, I win!

Mike (Unknown)

They weren't always hated. And their fans were always nice as they trounced us.

SC (Unknown)

Oh come on, the Illini can score at least 21 against you guys.

Mike (Unknown)

Too bad FSU didn't schedule The Maroons in their opening game. Then we could root for our MAlma Maters and FSU probably could put up 500 on U of C, which would be awesome. I'm sorry but that would just be awesome to witness.

SC (Unknown)

You know my feelings about the U of C, so I'd be fine with that. And I'd be surprised if you guys stopped at 500. Maybe the Maroons would threaten you with an atomic bomb.



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