Angry Mob dot Org | 08/11/08

I live near the Federated Russian Embassy. If you've been to my house, then you've certainly seen it--it's an enormous gated building that bravely stops all the convenient backstreets from running their normal courses. Because of Russia's invasion of Georgia, there have been (rightfully) massive protests outside of it since last Friday. Over the weekend though, they took to the streets in a torchless mob going up and down the streets of Glover Park as though secretly a neighborhood full of Mercedes-driving 30-somethings was responsible for the war. I didn't even think to check the "foreign mobs" (not to be confused with Foreign Mob) crime map before moving here.

Speaking of 30-somethings, I feel like this is the year where most of the people I know turn 30. Being a young pup, I have another year left but it's coming.




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