My Olympics | 08/18/08

I didn't watch any of the Olympics but because I check ESPN ever few minutes I feel like I did. I think it's great that Michael Phelps won eight gold medals but if we break this down a little bit I think it's more good fortune than anything else. He's built for swimming and there just happens to be an Olympic race (or eight) for that. What about the things I'm inherently good at? There's no napping medal. There's no dog-yelling medal. There's no fastest consumption of Chick Fil A medal. I'm just saying that if there happened to be medals awarded for other random activities the rest of us might have a chance. Seriously though, I would put you down in narcolepsy for both the sitting and lying-down events.

What made-up categories could you beat the hated Chinese at?


BU (Unknown)

At first glance I thought you Photoshopped Phelps into a strapless dress.

KBS (Unknown)

Me too! I think it's because of the way he's standing.

Mike (Unknown)

Steve said the same thing.

Jamie (Unknown)

I fourth that (although I thought halter...but a dress regardless).



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