Play Fantastic Contraption | 08/20/08

Today I present to you the most addictive flash game since I posted about Desktop Defender. Kathy sent me this one and I'll explain it like this: you build little things to shuffle the red piece into the pink goal area. Here are some hints because I somehow looked past pretty important concepts--you can connect things to the main piece, if you're not sure what to do then build a little rolling case for the red piece, blue rods make the "wheels" into "cogs" for when you have to fling stuff. BAM! Now go play Fantastic Contraption now!


BU (Unknown)

I'll have to see if my copies of the Incredible Machine series works in Windows XP/Vista. They could easily trump this flash game.

Mike (Unknown)

Yours looks like it has a lot more pieces. More pieces = more frustrating.



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