Fay Aftermath | 08/24/08

On the bright side, I moved away from Tallahassee before my house would have been under 5' of water from Hurricane Fay x4. Jamie's mom's house took a tree (everyone was ok) and my old place on Lake Ella almost assuredly has more living fish in it than when I resided there. It's weird to think that had I not moved to DC when I did I could be there looting like you're supposed to do in a flood would be displaced somewhere with Chompy (possibly Abby had it played out that way) and likely a Taurus-ful of worldly possessions. Weird.

Hurricanes, for whatever reason, are scared of my dog. No matter how direct a path towards my house they have been, at the last minute they have always veered away from Chompy. With Chompy out of Tallahassee, duh, it was going to get hit. Duh. Duh x 4. If I continue to live in places where hurricanes could hit decades from now I think I'd have to have Chompy cremated to keep me safe. Aww, cremated Chompy. That's sad.


Tree (Unknown)

That last statement reminds me of "how Keith Richards snorted the ashes of his cremated father" for some reason. Apparently he denies it, tho it might be something you have to do w/ Chompy's ashes based on your Meteorological theory.

Mike (Unknown)

hahaha, I thought that was just an urban legend. I'm not snorting my dog's ashes. That seems wrong for so many reasons.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Move to Lowell. Sure, there's water up here, but it'll all be frozen before it has a chance to get up the banks. Plus...three words for you: Chick. Fil. A. Duh.

Mike (Unknown)

It's hard to say to no to Chick Fil A but when it's December and there's 5 ft. of frozen, compact snow I'll be thinking, "What was I thinking moving away from Tallahassee DC somewhere warm?"

SC (Unknown)

You lived in Milwaukee for four years. You shouldn't be such a wuss about cold weather.

Mike (Unknown)

I have thin blood now.

Tree (Unknown)

Luckily there's invention called a "coat" so for when it gets cold outside. I'm a total winter person now. I absolutely can't stand summer now.

P-Chris (Unknown)

I posted some pics from my homestown that my Mom sent me at http://blog.bigfootcheese.com/2008/08/25/a-picture-of-hiway-84-in-my-hometown-after-fay.aspx It was crazy.

Mike (Unknown)

Wow! I didn't realize it had hit so badly that far north. I hope your family is doing ok.



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