Obama Sucks | 08/25/08

I know I previously wrote that I couldn't vote for Obama because he's a White Sox fan and last night sealed the deal with this comment:

"You go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there. People aren't watching the game. It's not serious. White Sox, that's baseball."
As that ORLY? BIRD says, "Oh really?". Cubs games aren't serious but WHITE SOX games are? How the hell would you (or anyone else) know--there's never been a single fan at a game to witness one so it's all speculation. What I absolutely HATE about Sox fans is that their #1 rule for being a Sox fan ISN'T liking their team--it's hating the Cubs. Cardinals fans (rightfully) hate the Cubs but that's only because they like the Cardinals. White Sox fans would rather the Cubs have a 100-loss season than *their* team have a 100-win season. There's no way I'm voting for him now. I'm sure as hell not voting for McCain though, so I guess this is how Ralph Nader always winds up with his handful of votes.


T-Chris (Unknown)

That's also how Nader could screw up the election results. And besides, I'd rather have a knowledgeable die-hard fan in office than a casual bandwagon fan. At least he didn't hesitate or waver in his support of the Sux...er...Sox. He's firmly committed; it's to the wrong team, but he's committed nonetheless. GO CUBS!!

Mike (Unknown)

Nader should really go after Cubs Nation.

SC (Unknown)

As much as I hate to give a White Sox fan any credit, having been to 13 games this year, I have to admit that there are a lot of people just talking and not paying attention to the game. These are usually business people who have been taken there by a vendor/company since they almost always are from out of town. They are by no means the majority of the 40,000+ in attendance every day, but they do exist. When I went to my two Sox games of the year, I noticed an equal number of people not paying any attention to the game. I also noticed the empty seats. Which were quite numerous. These inattentive fans I noticed were in Sox apparel and most likely from Chicagoland.

SC (Unknown)

I believe this is called a primary source.

Mike (Unknown)

You're a funny one.

I was reading the attendance numbers from US Cellular and they mentioned you by name.

Ricky (Unknown)

Fucking sports people.

Mike (Unknown)

You're just jealous that my blog isn't password protected like yours. Hey-O!

P-Chris (Unknown)

I say you write in Chompy. She'd probably F#@K the country up a lot less than the other two.
But to see people talking and not paying attention, try going to a Nationals game sometime. People show up in the 8th inning wearing clothes to go clubbing in and then talk or text on their cell phones until the game ends.

P-Chris (Unknown)

I forgot to mention, the Nationals don't even promote watching the game in their ads. They promote that Nationals park is the newest place to "see and be seen" in D.C.

Mike (Unknown)

The Nationals are funny. They make the Pirates look like go-getters in terms of building a relationship with their own. DC is like the yuppie wife that needed a Land Rover but has nowhere to drive it. At least she has it so she can say she does.

Tree (Unknown)

Knowing that Obama said that, I'm almost willing to go vote for him in November. Naw, just kidding.

And btw, the #1 rule in White Sox Fan Club is: Don't talk about White Sox Fan Club. GO WHITE SOX!!! CUBS ROT!!!

Mike (Unknown)


I thought that was the #2 rule of the club.



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