O hey girl | 08/26/08

I think anyone who has to employ any sort of craft in their job gets to experience, from time to time, "the zone". The Zone is a magical place where not only is everything you do brilliant, reflecting upon Zoned material post-Zone will make you say (frequently aloud), "Wow, how did I do that?". And the weirdest part is that you mean it--you couldn't recreate it when you were outside of the Zone. This happens a lot with writing music (although not frequently enough to get into Cornell for a doctorate but whatever). It definitely happens with programming and yesterday I did a week's worth of work in a few hours. This was particularly handy because I try not to work more than a few hours a day anyway so it timed out well. Thanks Zone.

I just made up a good joke for the next time Brian has a joke day on his blog.

Requisite Cubs note: Jamie and I went to Cleveland Park to see part of the Cubs bizarro victory over the Pirates last night.

Now for the big news--I'M GETTING A GUN. More on that tomorrow!!!


Tree (Unknown)

Make sure you get a big gun. So it's like not, a phallic symbol or anything. You should get a shotgun and sit in a folding chair on your front porch like a real redneck.

Mike (Unknown)

I don't have a porch. I wonder if they'll still let me get one.

BU (Unknown)

Mike hates zones.

The problem is that "zone" is already associated with so many bad things. e.g.:
* Kenny Loggins - The Danger Zone
* Microsoft - Gaming Zone (has all of like four games)
* Reduced Speed Zone - Everyone hates these
* ZoneAlarm - Obnoxious Firewall
* (O)Zone Layer - We like it, but it's depleted.
-- October 21, 2003



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