Leap Year! | 02/29/04

Well so much for my To-Do List from yesterday. I accomplished none of those things but I was able to cross some things that weren't on my list, such as play SNES NBA Jam and nap. Oh, I lied. I did cross off one real thing--I went to rehearsal. Despite waking up early again, I still did nothing. It was a BEAUTIFUL day today. Low 70s, slight breeze, sunny. So, I thought to myself, how can I waste it? Oh, I know, stay inside and putz around. Mission accomplished Jamie came back from her training thing in Orlando today too. Rehearsal was fine, I just need to stop making a certain facial expression. I totally know I'm doing it but I can't stop myself. Matt was unsuccessful at lighting his massive gastric releases on fire but Lord knows it wasn't from lack of trying. We played through my arrangement of Crazy Train tonight and I think it'll really kick ass. I couldn't believe how quickly Chris was able to play his part. My God. Seriously, my God. I also updated all the links from various CMA webpages so they'll correctly link to the Mas page. Not that it matters, really, because the School of Music redid the whole site, so all of the CMA is just kind of lost in space without any links from the main page. Great thinking guys!

I don't know what the hell this picture is. I found it and figured it shouldn't be wasted in the bowels of the internet any longer. It's so weird that I won't even follow up with a daily art piece. Maybe tomorrow I'll throw the January and February entries into a separate file so this page will load faster for you that are using modern technology...of the 1980s! ha ha. :(

Apparently this is the "Lazy" icon. Furthermore, the "music" icon for today is "Kenny Loggins" and the ogrophy icon is "Where the Wild Things Are".




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