Three Years Ago | 08/27/08

Three years ago I was in New Orleans with Jamie and we evacuated right before Hurricane Katrina hit. It's kind of weird that they're about to get hit by another one. I personally could give a flying f*ck about New Orleans and the week-long attack on Florida/Georgia by Hurricane Fay is just one of the many reasons why. There wasn't any fanfare or to-do about Fay. It sucked and dropped 10' of standing water into a lot of places in Florida and Georgia but now it's not in the news. Why? Because the victims of Fay (surprise) did what they were supposed to do and already in rebuilding mode. Even though Fay affected waaaaay more people than Katrina there was no looting, there was no nothing.

Katrina has been in the news a lot and I'm so sick of hearing about it. I'm doubly sick of hearing about all the culture that was lost in New Orleans. The city was spent--nothing good has come out of there in fifty years and it was time for it to be put down. Ok, we got jazz and creole seasoning. Super. I hate the ads that are STILL begging for money to help them. It's been three years--how about you guys stop shooting each other in Houston and help yourselves instead? C'mon Gustav!


Tree (Unknown)

You know today (the 28th) is the 18th anniversary of the F-5 Plainfield tornado. Today the area that was the path is now built the hell up. If that thing hit today, it would take out dozens and cost billions. I still recall that day, it was 90 degrees with Dew Points in the 80s, with a cold front coming & abnormally strong upper level winds. I remember watching the hail fail at 3:30pm, and hearing WGN Meteorologist Roger Triemstra on the radio saying "oh there's just a little tornado going on in Plainfield, nothing to worry about".

I still can remember walking in that downed corn field a few days later. Also it moved southeast instead of northeast, which happens roughly 3% of the time.

Elena (Unknown)

What happened to MarioKart last night? Chris and I were waiting for you guys.

SC (Unknown)

I remember being huddled in the Library at Wheatland when the tornado went over the school and continued down route 59.



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