Weekend Update | 09/01/08

It's been so long since I last updated I don't even remember what I've been doing. Let's see, for Labor Day I went over to Brian's for grilling and badminton. On Sunday I did a bunch of work, cleaned and vacuumed (since I had skipped my midweek vacuum), and found my new big TV online. I've decided to enter the way-too-big-of-a-tv market and as soon as the Cubs clinch a playoff spot I'm going to buy it. Right now they have a 99.8% chance but since they're the Cubs I don't want to assume anything. On Saturday I went out to Sterling (again) to play poker and finished second. At least I got my money back. I also got a key to my basement now that it's locked all the time to be prevent the "burglar" from getting in. The gossip going around is that there is no burglar at all. I'm no longer getting a gun. On Friday I met up with Brian's NoVa gang for dinner in Arlington and then broke ranks and post-partied with Rebecca and her friends. And that was my weekend.

I don't want to hear a peep about Pick 'Em. It's like the day after Easter--no peeps. If Virginia Tech had won I'd have been in great shape (though not in first) and I'm already pissed off at the announcers on ESPN that have been saying they called ECU. First of all, no you didn't. Second of all, ECU won on a LUCKY play. That could have been any team losing and it just happened to be Virginia Tech. Yes, they let ECU stay in the game but a blocked kick could have changed the outcome of any of Saturday's close games (maybe not Miami's 512-0 crushing of whomever they played).

I'll do better next week (at least beat Steve).


Tree (Unknown)

Just like a true Fogerty, always wanting to beat his brother.

P-Chris (Unknown)

Some thoughts on the ESPN guys
1) They are wrong 80% of the time.
2) When they say they "called" it it means that they said East Car. would be tougher than people think, not that they would win. 9Politicians do similar things)
3) They always say the underdog is better than the underdog really is and therefore can always say they called it. This is playing it safe. (politicians also do this).
4) for the last 3 years our top players have been more accurate than the ESPN guys.

SC (Unknown)

Really? I'm predicting the future, at least a few days too late, that you won't :)



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