Still Sick | 09/03/08

I can't believe I'm still sick. It's so aggravating. Not aggravating enough for me to lose in MarioKart but still pretty aggravating. We had a scant turnout last night with Chris V. and Chris E. coupled with a lot of disconnects. Hopefully next week will run a little more smoothly.

In other news, Christian Ponder is the starting QB for FSU. In the one game he's played in so far, he went 8/8 with 2 TDs at Lane Stadium (VT). Not too shabby (notice I didn't put how many times he fumbled).

The Cubs have lost five in a row but thankfully the Reds are coming to town. The Brewers are totally blowing this losing streak as they've started their own. I think it's safe to say St. Louis is out of the picture now. Zambrano goes in for an MRI tomorrow, the offense is slumping (at best), Harden might be hurt, Lilly always gives up a ton of runs, and Marquis is his usual bad self. It's going to be a rough month for sure.

I want that TV.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Thank goodness it's Ponder. Weatherford's had his chances (yup, plural). Granted, the O-line didn't do him any favors, but he still made poor decisions and can't run to save his life. Ponder's 4.6 40 time is going to come in handy, both in and out of the pocket. It'll be a rough year, but I'm pulling for him. Go 'Noles!!

Mike (Unknown)

That O-Line is going to doom FSU forever. Without it, there's no running game and without a running game having Payton Manning back there would look terrible too.

I just hope Ponder is more aware of people coming to tackle him than Drew was. Good lord, he got blindsided all the time.

Jamie (Unknown)

So excited for Ponder!

Ricky (Unknown)

Enough football talk. I got mario kart finally. Befriend me damnit!



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