Things That Scare Me | 09/08/08

The first thing that scares me is the huge bug that was crawling along my ceiling last night at around midnight. It started moving once I took a picture of it and I was afraid that it was going to repel down from the ceiling and land in my mouth; this is my fear of all flying/big-legs-for-jumping bugs. Fortunately I had just finished my laundry, and after waking up Chompy for reinforcements, I grabbed a handful of sock balls and start bombing. The third strike landed successfully and whatever the hell this is fell behind my keyboard case with a loud thump. It's no 5' Florida Roach but it was pretty disgusting.

Equally disgusting, but for different reasons, is Sarah Palin. Obama might be a White Sox fan but he regained my vote once this stupid bitch was nominated to be the VP. Yeah, she's a VPILF, but she's a total and complete idiot. There's absolutely no way this...well, stupid bitch should be a heartbeat away from the presidency. I don't really have a hard time defending the "stupid" (advocated for the "bridge to nowhere" before flipping 180 on the campaign trail) nor the bitch ("Well, ya know, Senator Obama is less interested in protecting you from terrorists than ... reading them their rights."). Some of us LIKE OUR RIGHTS--I know you're pandering to people as uneducated and oblivious to the constitution as you are but come on. I should point out that it's bad when *I'm* a bigger advocate for women's rights than...a woman.

Obama/Biden: They're not McCain/Palin. That's all it takes to sell me on the ticket.


BU (Unknown)


Mike (Unknown)

Ain't that America.

Jamie (Unknown)

I was appalled when I heard her poke fun at reading prisoners their rights. Did she forget McCain's experience as a POW? What a heartless bitch.

Probably old news, but I just heard last week that she got her first passport in 2006. That's just crazy!

Tree (Unknown)

I don't find her stupid at all. Who would you rather have as VP... say Bush or Palin? Besides, why doesn't it even matter who the VP is? They almost never actually get in power.

And why don't you invest in some fly swatters & Raid.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm not sure who I'd rather have as VP. Bush is an idiot but at least he's widely recognized as such.

It matters with McCain because he's a billion years old and will likely die in office.

I think the bug just came in when I had the back door open, otherwise I'd get a ton of RAID--that stuff is amazing.



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