Babies Everywhere | 09/09/08

Yesterday I met up with Kathy for lunch and, after gossiping for a while, we got to business discussing just how cute babies dressed in onesies-for-your-team are. The consensus? TOO CUTE!!! Like Chompy In A Pool, the cuteness levels are right at 100%. There was some other subject that we thought a good blog topic but it escapes me right now.

If you're going to FSU game with me, I ordered the tickets. I'm excited Tim is coming to town for it. I'm also excited to kick his ass in NCAA Football 2009. Chris' too. I promised Tim I wouldn't play more than three games by myself but last night I burned two as WVU. Playing at #1 Georgia on Heisman, we went to triple overtime and PC-Pat White got hurt on the first play (after accruing 300 rushing yards). Fortunately the backup scored one last time and after laying down an All-User Sack on 4th and Goal I won it. BAM. Bring it on, boys!


SC (Unknown)

Where is the picture of Chompy in a pool?

Mike (Unknown)

Tree (Unknown)

What, talking about babies and them being cute??? Have you been castrated or something?!

Mike (Unknown)

You can't tell me that's not cute.

KBS (Unknown)

The other blog topic was that old man who peed in the street!



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