Seven Years Later | 09/11/08

Today is the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Seven years ago from right now (actually the 12th) the world loved the United States more than it had since we came in to save Western Europe from the Nazis. Who would have thought we could have decimated the feelings of goodwill so quickly?

The big news now is Ike and how badly it's going to slam into Tejas. I only know of four people that live in Texas: Marty, Jen, and Chris' parents (although the Cubs are supposed to be playing in Houston tonight). My theory is that hurricanes are sent to destroy certain people in New Orleans and that nature is slowly learning where it is. All the ones that hit Florida were practice shots and once Katrina displaced the residents it will now take more hurricanes to find them. With so many now shooting up Houston it only makes sense that Ike would have to detour away from the Floridian gulf and head towards Texas. Hopefully those four people I know, along with the law abiding citizens of Houston will come away no worse for the wear and will be willing to sacrifice the New Orleans residents in order to appease the Gods of The Hurricane (not Randy Shannon).




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