I am not a Music Theorist | 02/28/04

It's official. I am not a theorist. How do I know, you say? Well let me tell you. I sat down today with every intention of working on my theory thesis. I hadn't even opened the program when I got a really great idea for a piece. I made myself a deal--once I had the basic sketch of the piece done, I would work on my thesis. Well, well, well...eight hours later I was still working on the stupid piece. It evolved from a soca-style small group piece into a fledgling panorama. It's already four minutes (and when you consider the half-note is 120, that translates to a lot of music) and about 130 measures of fully "orchestrated" music. For some odd reason, when I was a "composer" I never had the time or inclination to write. Now that I'm a "theorist" I've been able to crank out 13 pieces (8 of them good, five--well, not good. Not good at all) since the beginning of the school year. Why didn't I write my damn theory thesis last year to make up for this?

I cleaned up my disgusting kitchen after my 9am wake-up. I then made the rounds of pet stores, since Jamie wasn't here to tell me no. Dr. Chomp and I first drove out to PetSmart on Capital Circle and then to PetCo. I feel like we stopped elsewhere but I can't remember where...oh, Wendy's. The afternoon/night was killed solely by working on that piece. Tomorrow I only have three things to do: job applications (yes, more), atonal project and 7pm rehearsal. My house is completely clean and I'm feeling very future-motivated (just not right now).

Art of the Day

This is one of the small-canvas pictures I have that doesn't entirely suck (in my opinion). It's name: Orga(ni)sm. I don't know why I call it that. It's just a box spewing out some weird sort of squiggly lines. The weird squiggles were created because (shock) I didn't wash my brushes after the last time I painted and they were all caked together in rancid paint. This was my 8th attempt at painting.

In other news, why hasn't Google updated the cache of this page yet? I realize that it has billions of pages to go through, most of which update daily, but still--what about me? I read on their site that frequency of updates depends on how many pages link to yours. I guess I have to sex.com and just have it refer to here.

FSU Quote: "You guys line up alphabetically by height."

- Bill Peterson, Florida State football coach

Is it any wonder why FSU is starring on The Simpson?




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