Another Belated 12 of 12 | 09/12/08

10am: These are the gross adult vitamins that have replaced the Flintstones ones (in the back--just in case).

10:30am:Hauling Chompy to the Spring Valley Starbucks like I now do most mornings.

10:40am:The Starbucks had this picture of North America without the United States. Uh, remember that your clients ALL LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES before making a statement. Maybe the sandstone in the back kind of looks like the United States. Whatever. I'm cranky without coffee.

11:30am:I wonder how much getting a TV that big costs. Further, is that feasible for my budget? If so, where would I put it?

Nooner: Round 1/3 of getting Mike-R Huge. The book is still there from the night before. Riveting.

1:30pm:I'm out of plates so I had to use one of the cartons from Anne K's German Cookoff or else borrow one of the dog's bowls. I need to do some dishes something fierce.

2:30pm:At Target getting some curtains. That sign makes me laugh: the bath is at x = 6, y = 2; find the slope.

5pm:It only took me like a million hours to put my first-ever set of drapes on. I still haven't put the other side on because they just piss me off.

9pm:Chompy wants to play bass but she doesn't have thumbs.

9:30pm:Watching USF vs. Kansas and evaluating my Saturday picks.

10:30pm:Breaking in the new Wii Fit. It's full of great insults to make you feel badly about being so fat. I think it misread me because I'm so huge by this time of night after the third round or real exercise.

midnight:There's the gross bug in all its glory.

BONUS: Chompy the Dog! Looking good.


Jamie (Unknown)

Did you get tab-top? Why do you always come to Spring Valley when you hate law students?

Mike (Unknown)


I go to Spring Valley because it's free 90% of the time and with the volume of coffee I drink that's big savings to put up with people who think they're better than me because they know a torte as something other than a tasty treat.

SC (Unknown)

Isn't Canada missing as well from that Starbucks painting?

Mike (Unknown)

I don't even know what that is. And that's why I'm voting for McCain/Palin.

Tim (Unknown)

First: you Do know what Shakespeare said about lawyers; right?

Second: do your dishes dude!

Third: the answer is steriods, if they're good enough for America's past time, then they are good enough for you. Besides your testes are overrated.

Forth: will someone PLEASE kill that bug for Mike?

Mike (Unknown)

First: I'm sure I'm butchering the quote (pun intended since I believe it was a butcher) but it's something like "We shall kill all the lawyers."

Second: I have done some of them since then. I'm no longer sharing a bowl with my dog.

Third: My testes are very overrated. If they had any sense at all they would have made me huge years ago.

Fourth: Chompy's on it.

Jamie (Unknown)

Tab top curtains

Mike (Unknown)

Ooooh, no they didn't have any of those except in garish patterns so I settled for boring white instead with huge loops at the top.

KBS (Unknown)

This is probably the same comment I always write for your 12 of 12s, but man is Chompy f'ing cute!

T-Chris (Unknown)

Slope's 1/3, assuming the y-intercept is 0.

Should I be jealous of your Wii Fit, or is the hype bigger and better than the product itself?

Tree (Unknown)

Wow, no more chewable Flintstones vitamins? Welcome to the 6th grade! Next we'll get you some shoes without the velcro and get you ones with real shoe laces!

I take my magic pill in Centrum brand form.

james (Unknown)

what the fuk is this on about



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