Front Page DC | 09/16/08

Last night I trekked out to DuPont Circle to meet up Kathy, Becky, and her friend Liz for fun and festivities at Front Page. I feel like I've been to that place a lot even though I really have been anywhere a lot. I managed to get lost a little because I came out of the wrong metro exit and had to walk through Homeless Circle to get re-situated. There was some dude playing Pink Floyd on an acoustic guitar and singing along with a microphone. I like Pink Floyd but seriously if the urge to make art hits you to the point where you're going to pack up gear and haul it to Homeless Circle, I would think that the urge would be to create something other than bad covers. That's just me though. I know when I'm in the mood to write music I find it's best to write from scratch than writing a song that's already been written. What do I know, though? Well, I'm glad you asked. I know that Front Page has some excellent chicken fingers and that if you know the bartender your bill is drastically (and I mean drastically) reduced. Becky is well-connected so I should have heeded her advice when she told me to put my stuff on her tab instead of starting my own. Live and learn. The festivities ended early and I was home by 9:30 so I called Chris and then watched the Cubs edge the Brewers to bring their Magic Number down to 4. Go Cubs!


Tree (Unknown)

You should start humping Becky. "Well initially I did it for the chicken fingers..."



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