You Guys Are My Guys | 09/17/08

After whomping Jamie in tennis yesterday morning I grabbed Ab and set off to G-Lover Park for a day of dog-petting (I just took this picture right now--I didn't recycle). Tennis was tiring so I took an Ab-nap for a good 90 minutes in between churning out work. After I woke up I was starving so I tried to go to Chipotle but some bitch was blocking a whole lane of traffic while giggling on her cell phone. As I finally pulled up next to her I politely asked if she was "f*cking retarded?" She said in the most patronize tone "I don't I f*cking retarded?" and for a split second I wanted to kill her. *I* wasn't the one holding up traffic on Wisconsin Avenue while casually sitting in my car talking on my cell phone in my Lexus SUV. It wasn't me. I wanted an apology not a mocking and I now understand why you don't carry guns in cars. It sounds so petty but this town is filled at least with 90% of people who care solely about themselves and it doesn't matter one bit if their waiting for their friend to come out of Popeye's chicken during rush hour on the busiest road on our quadrant of the city holds up hundreds of cars. Anyway, because the traffic patterns were all f*cked up because of her I had to bypass Chipotle so I went to the TenleyGhetto Starbucks for a coffee instead. As I was getting back into my car I saw two guys climbing out of the Clothes For The Homeless Bin with filled bags of clothes. They went behind the bin and were trying them on. These guys were also wearing Nikes and had watches on and appeared to have showered within the past day. I believe this is called "stealing".

I stopped at Balducci's to get some fish and would up getting some swordfish. It was really good; I surprised myself with how well it came out despite being baked. After dinner I settled into some MarioKart and put a whomping down again! Elena showed some moxy in the last set of races but, as I told Ricky while gloating afterwards, I should play NCAA Football on the playstation at the same time to make it sporting. I'm telling you all--be Toad in the Arm Cart with an Automatic tranny. Haha, tranny. "She just tapes it back." That quote brought to you by It's Always Sunny in Philly, which starts again tonight.


Tim (Unknown)

So I guess the wireless thing works?

Tim (Unknown)

So I guess the wireless thing works?

Mike (Unknown)

It does for the Wii. My adapter for the PS2 still hasn't come.

Tim (Unknown)

when it does come in, do you have a head set, so there can be plenty of trash talking?

Mike (Unknown)

No, but I'll get one. Talking smack is 40% off the fun.

KBS (Unknown)

I know your response to this is going to "the bus smells like pee," but you really should start taking the bus and stop bitching about people holding up traffic. Save the planet. Save your sanity. Take the bus.

Mike (Unknown)

But the bus smells like pee takes forever to come and then when it does come it's always too crowded with poor people so I'm mashed up in the front holding on to some foreign woman who, not surprisingly, smells like pee of so much perfume it gives me a headache.

Tree (Unknown)

Man, the more you write about D.C. the more terrible of a place it sounds like.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Headsets are a must. In fact, I'd bump up the percentage to 50%. The other 50% of the fun is hearing the other guys bitch and moan things like, "I knew that was coming! Man, I hate that f*ckin' play!" or "Catch the f*ckin' ball!!!" or "Really? Seriously?? Honestly?!? WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?" Yeah, we drop a lot of f-bombs.

Mike (Unknown)

I think I say that first part when playing you the most--"I Knew that was coming! Man, I hate that f*cking play!".

Wheelies. Quick Slant. Quick Toss.

Ricky (Unknown)

And like I told you when you called me to gloat after Mario Kart .. you're an ass.

Jamie (Unknown)

You didn't "whomp" me in tennis - I should read this thing more often to defend myself.

Mike (Unknown)

I believe the score indicated a whomping even if my actual performance did not.



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