Sporty Weekend | 09/21/08

First the good news, the Cubs slayed the Cardinals and clinched their second-straight NL Central Pennant. Hooray! I'm rooting for the Phillies to be the Wild Card team so that I can go to a game in Philly. They're playing well though so it looks like it's going to come down to the two teams that seem to have no desire to win it: the Mets and Brewers. Both teams are terrible and I'm pretty sure they'll get swept in the playoffs no matter who they play. It was weird to see Marmol and Wood party so hard together after they won. I wouldn't be able to let loose around some guy who thinks he should have my job. Whatever. I've got my Marmol t-shirt on today to celebrate.

FSU's offense is the worst. I've written about this several times in the past (like here or here) but this was absolutely disgusting to watch. I'm glad I didn't leave the house to watch this one. As usual, the defense does great but was quickly exhausted by playing on a super-arena-style field of 20 yards since D'Ponder threw five interceptions and the backs coughed up the ball on running plays. Seven turnovers in one game? What can you even say about it except that has already been taken. I can't get over just how bad our offensive line is--it's...offensive. It's too bad the score doesn't really reflect how badly FSU played. We should have a negative score. I move to change the final score to WF 12 FSU -70.

On Sunday I got my PS2 online and played a couple of games against Tim. I don't think I had any positive yards in the last six quarters we played. The second game was particularly humiliating losing 45-7 and only scoring on the last play of the game. I love playing as West Virginia but when #5 gets hurt and you can't score your way back into a game, you're done since they have absolutely no pass defense.

Had Auburn beat LSU like they were supposed to, I would have won Pick 'Em this week but crafty Les Miles cheated his way to another victory. I have no proof he cheated or even really speculation based on anything but I really wanted Auburn to win so I could have started my Pick 'Em comeback. At least I got NC State over ECU.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Tim's gonna kill me in NCAA '09, isn't he?

Mike (Unknown)


Tim (Unknown)

Did you buy the Fire Jimbo website? And T-Chris, just a reminder; you own my a** in NCAA '09.

Mike (Unknown)

Just make sure to wear matching uniforms.

No, I didn't buy that site but I wish I did because I'm sure it's getting a stupid amount of traffic right now.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Well, Tim, I did OK against you '08. '09 is a new game, and you've been practicing. I gotta get some reps in before I take the virtual field. Texas doesn't have "#25" any more to bust those runs to the outside for 74 yards.



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