Idaho Cheerleaders | 09/22/08

In a shameless plug for traffic: Idaho Cheerleaders ditch Skimpy Uniforms after Complaints from Fans. I could have used some cheerleaders in my grudge match with Tim last night. After abandoning my beloved spread offense I was able to eke out an OT win in our first game before he bludgeoned me something like 58-21 in the second game.

As part of my ongoing Get Healthy movement I was required to read Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy and it's a frightening book. Just like I no longer trust Google to give me accurate results now that I know how easily those results are manipulated, I feel like I no longer trust the government to give me an accurate idea of what I should eat. The food pyramid, as defined by the USDA, is apparently controlled largely by lobbying groups and is not at all what your body needs. What your body needs, the "healthy eating pyramid" is unfortunately not at all what I like to eat, with things like potatoes in the "you'll die" section. According to the book, fats were made into the "bad guys" when in reality only trans fats are really terrible. The bigger problem is the simple sugars found in white ______ (bread, potatoes, rice, etc). More than anything it was sad to read how our government has dumbed things down because we are apparently too stupid to understand there's a difference between frying things in olive oil and beef fat. Well, maybe we are that stupid because 60,000 people just showed up for a Palin rally in Florida. I hope they're serving donuts and baked potatoes.


Tree (Unknown)

Hmmm... glad to see butter at the top of that health pyramid. I don't use or eat it at all. And yeah, I try to avoid potatoes as well. But I ain't givin' up my can of lunch soda, that's for damn sure!

And apparently I'm completely clueless on how to play defense in video game College football. For some stupid reason, when I give up the pass, it's always for 17-55 yards, and this is with a Dime defense w/ man, deep or prevent coverage. And it doesn't matter how great my team is, it happens in every single game no matter how lousy the oppenent. What am I doing wrong?? Of course part of the problem is I always use a 3-4 defense with inside heat, and after I sack their asses like 6 times, they completely abandon the running game and go to an all-pass. I'll admit, I just know the basics of football and basic strategy, but I'm a total baseball guy first.

BU (Unknown)

47 hits and counting for that search phrase on my site since 8 AM this morning.

Tim (Unknown)

Well, you know what they grow in Idaho? Potatoes, and according to your book potatoes make you fat and ugly. Ergo, Idaho cheerleaders are fat and ugly and shouldn't be in skimpy outfits. So, bravo for making them cover-up.

Am I the only one that giggles when I say I-da-ho cheerleader?

Mike (Unknown)

You have to shift the secondary up to bump the receivers. You can blitz the corners too if you're feeling adventurous. I rarely get sacked inside but when the corners or spilling-over linebackers come in...

I haven't gotten any traffic from it.

I don't think potatoes make you ugly--just fat. I think the book is probably right about their general health but personally, as someone who has eaten potatoes most every day for most of his adult life, I'm still pretty skinny.

Tim (Unknown)

Don't sell yourself short, you are a beast!

Also, man coverage will get you toasted quite a bit if you don't get to the QB. Zone blitzs can be effective, but as with all blitzs they are high risk, high reward plays. That is high risk for the blitzing defense, and high reward for the blitzed offense.

And I guess I am the only one who thinks I-da-ho cheerleader is funny.

Mike (Unknown)

I think calling the state Udaho would be funnier.



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