Abort Retry Flail | 09/24/08

I had a such a good entry planned for today that was going to be about the names of poker hands. As I started writing I realized just how horribly boring and stupid it was going to be. On most days, as you know, that's not a prohibitive thought for the actually posting of a new entry but today I wanted to do something special.

Since nothing special presented itself I decided to make tomorrow's entry special so instead of doing a good update today I'll work on tomorrow's good one instead. Today I present the world's most irritating game instead. I just thought of it.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Speaking of poker hands, I played poker last night. I never got Anna, but I did get Chompy in my pocket...and won the hand! Amy, however, did not have a similar fate, as she was using Chompy to chase a straight. The hand did not end well for her.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, Chompy in the Pocket can be dangerous. Chompy in the House though...tough to lose with that.

Tim (Unknown)

I am more interested in what Ms. Kornikova is thinking???

Mike (Unknown)

She's probably thinking "why don't I ever win?" just like Ace/King.

Tree (Unknown)

I almost wrote a blog entry about Cribbage, strategy and the stupid names I came up with, like "sticky holes". Then I realized most people have under the age of 80 wouldn't have any idea on what I was talking about. I still think Cribbage should overtake Poker in this country. We could have cane fights after matches.



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