101 Years | 10/04/08

Although I should make it so, this is not a stock entry--one to be trotted out each year somewhere between October 3rd and October 11th: The Cubs were eliminated from the playoffs and will not win the World Series for the 100th time in a row. I got back from poker to see most of the game and you could tell right away they were going to lose. You could see it on their faces. You could see it when ever-calm Derek Lee slammed his helmet into the ground after striking out. I don't really understand a lot about Lou Piniella's decision-making. You're going to pitch All-Star Ryan Dempster in Game 1. I'm totally on board with that. Then you're going to pitch Zambrano who gave up like a billion runs in his last two outings (granted, three outings ago was a no-hitter), and round it out with (another righty) Bad-Dan Haren. Good-Dan Haren would have been good of course but even Chompy knew that he hadn't been Good-Dan Haren in two months. You're going to leave your only left-handed pitcher (and 17-game winner) on the shelf. Piniella also left 0-MYLIFE Fukudome in although he did manage to get a hit last night--raising his playoff batting average to something like .050. Oh well, we're really good at waiting until next year and this is no exception.


SC (Unknown)

You did the same thing I did originally: it is Rich Harden, not Dan Haren. Also, the reason Fukudome got a hit last night was because he faced the pitcher all the time in Japan and owned him.

Mike (Unknown)

haha, you'd think I'd have it right now. I've had it wrong since the first night the Cubs got him and I texted Chris "Waiter, there's a Haren my soup" to which he simply replied, "You got me so excited that now I've got a Harden."

Tim (Unknown)

Dude, you were the first person I thought of when I saw that they lost; but let's look at the brightside of things. FSU beat Miami, and come post season baseball you save yourself some time by simply reposting this entry every year. So, buck up there camper, and go root for the Rays the rest of the post season. That way you can salvage some of the underdog feelings you get with the Cubs; rather than angst, heartache, and tears.



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