I never intended to create art | 02/27/04

Man, I was a sleepy dog today. More like a nearly-euthanized sleep. I woke up somewhere between 9am-11am today. At first I thought it was 11am but in retrospect I think it was more like 9am. Anyway, I took the good doctor out and went back to bed. And slept. And slept. And finally woke up around 5pm. Chompy talked me into getting some Chick-Fil-A and since I had nothing to do and could tolerate the peanut oil hallucinations. Around 10pm I decided I would do something...and that something was to clean out my bedroom closet. Now, 37 minutes later, I have to deal with the mess from dinner last night. There's a lot of mess. Seriously.

Art of the Day:

This is easily one of my favorites. The picture does not capture the texture, which is what makes more than just some smears of paint. The color choice was not intended to be patriotic--I only had red and blue paint. This was my first attempt at doing a painting "technique". I don't know what the technique was but it involved weird smearing. Sadly, this piece resides behind my new, enormous desk. The success of this piece inspired a lot more pieces with the same technique but the rest of them are pretty terrible except for one. And when I mean terrible, I mean really terrible.

Inane Art Quote:

"I never intended to make art" - Walt Disney




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