Happy Birthday Me! | 10/09/08

Happy birthday me! Nothing says "you're 29" quite like eye black. At first I tried making me look like a clown but that got too creepy so I settled for a football player (one of the elite 160-lb variety). I spent my birthday working until around 3:45 when I picked up Kathy from GW and then Jamie for a birthday dinner in Georgetown at a little pub where Chris and I ate when he was en route to Lowell. After dinner Jamie went shopping and I dropped Kathy off at the metro for a night of playing with Chompy and enjoying several bottles of High Life. Steve indulged me in a game of online football and even let me win since it was my birthday. Pretty excited stuff. Steve sent me a Cubs flag and my parents rounded it out with an almost ironic Cubs 2008 NL Central champions t-shirt. Apparently they were sold out of the "Haven't Won A Playoff Game since 2003" ones.

The big goal of my 29th year of not-dying is to take more chances. Although I don't have a traditional job, life is still pretty boring so I'm really going to milk the HGA for all they're worth in the coming months. I don't plan on doing anything reckless like getting a motorcycle or trading in the Taurus for a Jaguar but I am firmly committed to having more fun. That's taking a chance right? Fun? Does it make you old when you have to schedule fun?


BU (Unknown)

You know what's fun? Living in Virginia.

SC (Unknown)

Yes, scheduled fun loses its funness.



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