Birthday 12 of 12 | 10/12/08

10am: Starting my special day off with some new episodes of Always Sunny.

10:30am: Chompy getting ready to stick it to my landlord's dog. She tracked in a lot of clay--extra vacuuming for me (Hooray).

11am: I didn't realize Georgetown had a Flea Market. Apparently they do. I saw a portrait of John Adams and, after considering buying it as a Christmas present for Steve, trotted back across the street to do some grocery shopping.

11:15am: I don't have much junk food anymore so I had a lot to buy (and a ton of beer).

12:30pm: Chompy in the sun--begging for attention. Little did she know much she was going to get later.

12:45pm: Chompy and the dying Gingerbread Man. It sounds like a zombie.

2pm: The ice I bought did not qualify as a "Ding Dong Deal". Who does their marketing? I bet it's the same people that write the dialogue for Olive Garden commercials. "While you do the math, I'll do the pasta!!!!!!"

4:30pm: Taking a break from vacuuming to make some more post-birthday brownies.

9pm: Brian drawing a Cloodle after playing some Settlers. Wild Hoopla!

1:30am: With the party whittled down to three, walking was becoming a hassle so Mike carted us around on his back.

3:45am: Annie the gifted artist's work. I added the misshapen treat.

4:27am: With Mike sleeping safely on my couch and Annie headed home, it's time for bed. Happy Birthday Me!

Bonus: Extra picture of Chompy who is waiting for Briecca to arrive.

Brian has some more party pictures here.


KBS (Unknown)

Chompy!! I had so much fun with her last night. And the rest of y'all too, I guess.

Mike (Unknown)

I'm glad she went for a walk with you. And when I say "glad" I mean jealous.

SC (Unknown)

She walks with others and not you? Wow, that's got to be embarrassing. And that shopping cart is so tiny. I guess I should be the one this week to say, "Chompy's so fricking cute!"

BU (Unknown)

Apparently my Cloodle sucked.



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