Big Weekend | 10/19/08

This was a pretty exciting weekend. On Friday night I hooked up online (good thing this sentence doesn't end right there) with T-Chris for some football. We played a couple of games and he beat me 2/3.

On Thursday I went out with Becky to see the first half of Savion Glover at the Warner Theatre before we bailed at intermission to watch FSU come back against NC State at some bar. The guy sitting next to me was an NC State and White Sox fan. Somehow I was able to restrain myself from killing him (I think it was because he too had an iPhone).

Jumping forward to Saturday, I watched a lot of college football and was able to win the week in Pick Em with my new strategy based solely on the perceived victor if the two mascots got in a fight. The only big loss was Pitt not losing to Navy. I assumed an armed Midshipmen would be able to win against a panther but I was apparently wrong about him being armed. I guess the only thing a midshipmen can beat is a Demon Deacon.

I worked all morning on Sunday until around 3pm when I decided to clean up my living room. I came across the Lord of The Rings DVDs that I bought on sale in March that were still in their shrink wrap. I went to put them in my rarely-used DVD booklet when I came across some speaker wire. I set up my speakers and decided to try to them with a movie. A few hours later I was fast-forwarding through them to watch the fight scenes. I wish they'd just make fighting movies and skip all the boring stuff.

I've got a busy week including getting my green man costume for the series of Halloween parties that are coming up. Green Man!




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