STFU | 10/21/08

I wish every morning each member of America would get a set of three STFU Cards (Shut the F* Up) that you could use throughout your day. Each card could only last five minutes and when you were out, you were out. Additionally, when someone played a card on you, you had to STFU for five minutes. Because they would be so prevalent, no one's feelings would be hurt when you used them. It would be even better if people teamed up to permanently close the pie holes of certain "celebrities" (like anyone from Fox "News").

It would not be recommended you use these on friends or family but undoubted they would be. I would imagine their largest use would be at work, when you're trying to do something but keep getting interrupted by someone who feels their whatever should be the focus on your attention. BAM, hit him with one of these cards to keep him at bay for 5 minutes. At least then you could get to a good stopping point to be interrupted.

I think they'd make the world a better place.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Great idea. I'm all for it. Man, that would come in so handy in class. Could I apply one card to an entire class, or just individuals? 'Cause, man, I could sure some STFU time when I'm talking about part writing.

BU (Unknown)

You should also get 1 Reverse card for emergencies.

Mike (Unknown)

Good call. Can the reverse be overruled by a second STFU card?

SC (Unknown)

I think the reverse card should only be allowed so the person can say 35 words. After that, the original STFU card starts over again at 5 minutes if the original distributor deems the reverse/emergency card information as not important.

Ricky (Unknown)

I have nice business cards that say "You're a douche." .. I get by with those.

Mike (Unknown)

You might be the only person I know that could actually hand one to someone sincerely too.

Jamie (Unknown)

Didn't you write this entry like 2 years ago? Maybe we just discussed it.

Mike (Unknown)

Maybe but it didn't have the cool graphic that this one does.

Tree (Unknown)

You know, "Shut The Fuck Up" would be a great follow-up sitcom to my lead-in sitcom "Shut Up, God Damn It!" You know, Tuesday this Fall on ABC.

KBS (Unknown)

I love this idea. And I definitely have one particular student who would get it EVERY class.



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