Halloweekend (Part I) | 10/26/08

Not being centrally located, my most recent attempt to have people over resulted in two small parties. The first one ended around 8pm but fortunately Marc and Annie salvaged the night around 9 and we stayed up until around 2am watching football, drinking wine, and gossiping about the potential size of Briecca's babies.

Saturday was Brian's famed Halloween party and I went as Jimmy Page after ruling out an S&M ghost and Robert Plant. I picked up Rebecca's friend from somewhere not in Georgetown (or as I like to refer to it, "hell") and we arrived fashionably late after taking a brief tour of the Reagan Airport. Using my brother's tried-and-true Beer Pong techniques, Brian's co-worker Jack and I went down to last cup against the undefeated-on-the-night team of Ben and...some guy whose name eludes me. Things started to wind down around 1:30 and we made the long drive back to the isolation chamber that is DC.

Before the party I watched the FSU/Virgina Tech game. You Hokies are lucky that Mickey Andrews called off the blitz-dogs when you were down to your third-string QB and the game was wrapped up.

Before watching the game I put in nearly a full workday. Boo.

On Sunday I did nothing but work on scores and work-work. Exciting. When 4:30 rolled around I trotted out to Centreville for a night of HO Poker where I kind of learned how to play Omaha poker. I really didn't have any fun because the guy next to me was such an asshole. Amazingly, he's the first person I've met that I've truly hated in my seven months up here. At one point I was trying to decide how much money it would take for me to pay him to leave. I quickly realized that the $10 I had in the pot was much less than the sum in my head, went all in to Chris (who co-won; hooray Chris) and then got the hell out of there.

One Halloween party down, one to go.


SC (Unknown)

Where is the quiz I told you to make?

Mike (Unknown)

It's coming--I'll post it on a day where nothing interesting happens.

SC (Unknown)

But won't that quiz get repetitive?

Mike (Unknown)

Ouch dude.



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