Funny or Not? | 10/27/08

Steve and I have been having a family feud over if this concept is funny or not. One of us thinks it's hysterical and other thinks it's absolutely stupid. Please leave a comment with your vote so we can settle this.

A guy is semi-secretly in love with a girl who does not love him back. Somehow, he convinces her to attend a party. While at the party he asks her to blow up some balloons, which she reluctantly does. After everyone has gone home from the party, he sets aside the balloons she blew up and gently unknots one of them. He then proceeds to close his eyes and release her air into his ear and imagines that it's in fact her blowing in his ear.

Funny or not?


T-Chris (Unknown)

Nah, not funny. I could see how some would call it sweet or sentimental, but not funny. It's sad, really. Pathetic, even. Sorry, dude.

Tim (Unknown)

That is funny in a sick and pathetic way . . . I think it is the image that came to mind, of some dude slowly letting the air out of the balloons into his ear, and some pathetic look of ecstacy sweeps over his face; as he whispers and playfully chuckles back to the balloon, "Oh, you ARE a naughty girl aren't you."
Yep, I say it is very funny, when you look at it that way.

Ricky (Unknown)

I'm a pretty disgusting and twisted person. Not funny because it's boring. It's not risque. It's creepy, but without being "mainstream" creepy, like collecting hair or sniffing panties, which are both still very wierd.

Rebecca (Unknown)

Hmm... It could go either way. If it's done in a TV show with a monologue and a laugh track sitcom style, it's lame. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't laugh.

P-Chris (Unknown)

I read it 5 times...I don't get it.

BU (Unknown)

Not funny at all. Could be poignant or tragic on a drama.

Mike (Unknown)

Oh come on. It's so pathetic it's funny. You all suck (except you Tim, you conditionally rule).

Tim (Unknown)

It is quite funny, I guess everyone was in serious mode . . .
. . . and what do you mean I "conditionally rule?"
What would be the conditions for me to continue ruling? And is there a chance of me continuously ruling? I promise I won't aspire to absolute ruling; but maybe infinite ruling.

SC (Unknown)

Woot, woot, me! But Mike will prove most of us wrong when he submits that bit to Always Sunny and they use it in an episode.

Elena (Unknown)

I personally found it funny. Not hilarious., but funny.

Mike (Unknown)

Tim: you conditionally rule because you conditionally approved of it being funny and I'm a grudge-holder like that.

I think it's clear from this discussion that Tim, Elena, and I are superior to everyone else in every way.



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