Call from the Republicans | 10/28/08

In case you didn't know, when I lived in Florida, I was a registered Republican. When I moved to DC I was careful not to put any party affiliation because even though I've never actually voted for a Republican for a major seat, they call me a lot and I didn't want anyone to call me at all.

On Friday I got a call from some 850 number that my called ID displayed as "FL Repblican Party". Awesome, I thought to myself and answered. It takes some skill to have someone hang up on you without swearing at them but I got the job done. I first started in on Sarah Palin, arguably the dumbest person alive and the rebuttal was "She's not the whole ticket." Uh, she very well could be should John McCain pass on. Next up was "Obama This, Obama That"--uh, if you're trying to sell me on the Old/Stupid ticket why not talk about...them? No, I do not agree with many of Obama's tax policies (ok, any) but at least he has a plan beyond "get Main Street back in its feet [my friends]". I think the worker finally lost it when I told her that I outgrew being a Republican because as you get older you're supposed learn new things and apply them to your life. I then went on a little bit of an attack that can't really be reprinted here and she hung up.

Go Obama/Biden: Because you're not McCain/Palin.


Tim (Unknown)

Well, bravo for not falling for the Republican B.S. smear campaign; unfortunately you seem to have bought into the two party system, and thus have decided to vote with the democrats. BOTH parties ARE the problem, and NEITHER candidate can or will change anything. Both parties are essentially subsidized by the very government which THEY control, so neither party is willing to risk anything that might even remotely change the status quo of the big picture. So, I say make your protest vote known and vote for a third party candidate. Also, don't vote for any incumbants - I doubt our founding fathers ever intended for anyone to spend a lifetime as a senator or congressmen(person). In short our representatives are the problem; because they are more concerned about keeping their own gravy trains rolling in D.C. rather than actually doing anything that might mean the train actually stops.
But that is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Tree (Unknown)

Well I tell you this: If Obama gets in, he better not fuck things up, just like one of his former peers in Gov. Rob Blahgojevich has; typical Big City politicians. And fyi, it goes the other way around: naive Liberal misguided ideals in youth leads to maturity in wisdom to Conservatism.

Sam (Unknown)

Very entertaining. Just have to point out the spelling of the post title though :-P

Mike (Unknown)

Fortunately proofreading is not a prerequisite of the Democratic party. I'd have been kicked out ages ago. :)

Mike (Unknown)

Mark: Being liberal isn't naive--it's quite the opposite. As you encounter more people in different situations and recognize them as actual people and not just "groups" you find they do, in fact, need to be treated as actual people. That's why cities typically vote democratic.

Tim: You're totally right. I threw a vote away on Harry Brown in the 2000 election and I wanted to throw one away on Nader in 2004 because I hated Bush and Kerry but Jamie insisted that my vote in Florida might make the difference in getting Bush out of office (it didn't).

SC (Unknown)

Living in Chicagland, if Obama gets elected, I expect there to be some love given to this town and the gravy train to flow. You know, maybe update our subway/El system which was built in the late 1800's.

Mike (Unknown)

"If" he gets elected?

Tree (Unknown)

Yes, "if". Nobody crowns a Super Bowl champion in August, or a World Series winner in April.

Mike (Unknown)

Come on. The election is next week and I predict Obama wins by 10 points. Hell, might die by then (in which case he'd win by 99 points).

P-Chris (Unknown)

Mike, You hit the nail on the head when you explained that people are actualy people and NOT groups. Individuals get harmed not groups. Groups are really just a fiction while people are real. But I don't see how that ties in with liberalism (the modern American mainline version), which is constantly trying to help groups at the expense of individuals.

Mike (Unknown)

I think you're totally right about the American mainline version of liberalism. I'd feel much better about my tax dollars being spent if I could get an itemized list of the individuals receiving the money (and then finding my name on the list under "users of the road").



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