Coming Soon: Friends | 10/29/08

Making new friends is fun but after having been at it for over half a year now, I'm ready to see some (more) familiar faces--the people who have not been yet fated to the greater Washington DC area. Fortunately for me, that day is coming in a little less than a month when FriendFest 2008 converges upon our nation's capital for the FSU/Maryland game. I was reminded of this yesterday when I got the email FINALLY telling me they were going to send me the damn tickets. Don't get me wrong, I'll be happy to see you guys but not nearly as happy watching it with you on my enormous TV (pronounced T-v) as I would be watching it at the game with you. For you fence-sitters, I need to know asap so I can get you tickets.

Wow I wrote just a scathing couple paragraphs (removed for decency's sake) on how I'm discovering more people supporting McCain--so to you new readers, don't forget to vote November 5th!


P-Chris (Unknown)

What's the FriendsFest2008 count up to now? are we all sitting together (hopefully)?

Mike (Unknown)

8 for sure; 4 more possible.

Sam (Unknown)

Yes! If you are voting for McCain, please don't forget to get out there and vote on November 5th!

Tree (Unknown)

Well your omission proves that you really are a hard-core Liberal and not "a moderate Liberal that all Liberals perceive themselves to be". I know you say you're not a hard left, but there has been not one positive right-leaning thing on this blog. Like the label or not, you're a Liberal Democrat. Calling McCain "old" and Palin "stupid" comes off as childish left propaganda. I'm not trying to be assholic here in general, but some of your posts are starting to reek of Socialism.

Mike (Unknown)

Socialism? I haven't said anything socialist even if you are correct in saying I haven't presented anything positive on the right. That said, calling them old and stupid isn't propaganda--it's fact. John McCain is in fact old and Sarah Palin is in fact stupid. If I said he has public said he wants to eat her babies (bitch) that would be propaganda.

T-Chris (Unknown)

FriendsFest2008 is looking more and more like a possibility for me. I'm not 100% sure just yet, but I'll keep you posted.

And, since when did being "liberal," or not "right-wing/conservative/Republican," start meaning "socialist?" It's exactly that kind of closed-minded mentality that got the GOP in trouble in the first place. So some people don't agree with your politics...does that mean you have to resort to name-calling and brand them something that they're not? And let's face it: Palin hasn't exactly helped McCain's cause.

BU (Unknown)

I like turtles.



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