Rained Out | 11/05/08

Ab woke up me at 6:30 by laying on my chest and very delicately squeaking. When I opened my eyes she acted as if she hadn't seen in me in years, went nuts, and demanded to pee. I don't wake up at 6:30. Maybe she didn't get the memo. Jamie and I tried to play tennis but it was too rainy so we hit up a new diner in Georgetown (much better/cheaper than my regular one but a little further away), made a quick shopping trip where neither us bought anything, then grabbed a coffee before I relinquished Ab back to Spring Valley.

I worked-worked into the early evening, took a break for dinner, and then hit the scores. Writing music is usually really fun but every and now then you get a day where nothing is new and the only sections left of each piece are "grinders"--amusical bits of noise that you unfortunately need to make smooth transitions between the geniusy sections. In four hours of working on said grinders, I got six measures. And not six measures of like full-orchestra. Six measures period. One day some theorist will be looking at the piece and say, "these two measures don't make sense--surely the composer was trying to capture some sort of semiotic reference from earlier in the piece where he's describing some sort of water-thing" when really I just cranked them out because I really had to poop. Ah, you theorists.




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