Credit Due | 11/06/08

Ever since we moved to Daylight Savings Time I've done a great job of normalizing my schedule. Since May or so I'd been waking up at around 10am and going to bed around between 12:30 and 2am. DC is more of an "early to bed, early to rise" town so I'm pleased to report that I've been getting up at 8am and going to bed between 11:30 and midnight. Last night (and the night before) I went to bed around 11pm because I feel like everything is kicking my ass right now and sleeping is always a good alternative to staying up and complaining. I did watch VT beat Maryland as I was falling asleep though.

The anti-weekend is coming up. There is nothing fun on the docket and since SMT is this weekend I don't even have the core of people to whom I can bitch.

Random flashback: About a year ago I was coaching a girl's soccer team. Yep, it's true.


BU (Unknown)

Maybe you could go watch the movie, "Finding Emo".

SC (Unknown)

What makes an anti-weekend?

Mike (Unknown)

Though surprising, I can't wait for Bash Mike Week to be over.

An anti-weekend means you do work and don't have fun.

P-Chris (Unknown)

you dirty dirty man

T-Chris (Unknown)

SMT is over. Let the bitching commence!

Mike (Unknown)

Thank God, it's been a long weekend.



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