Early Call | 11/09/08

At this point I think we can officially call the 2008 College Pick 'Em Season for JBull. Way to go champ! FSU slaughtered my least-favorite school, Clemson, and Jamie and I witnessed the death and destruction first-hand at Mackey's.

On Friday was Annie's birthday and a bunch of people trotted out to the Black Rooster Pub. Pretending like I wasn't a million years old I stayed out too late and paid for it on Saturday morning. I spent the rest of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday work-working and working on scores. Exciting, I know.

I also added a countdown timer until Lost starts January 21 (in the green navigation bar).


P-Chris (Unknown)

how about a countdown to FriendFest2008?

Mike (Unknown)

Good question. Will it be as mysterious as Lost?

SC (Unknown)

I won't know in either case. Thanks for not inviting me. Dick.

Mike (Unknown)

You can watch LOST. Do you not have a Tv?

SC (Unknown)

Of course I do. I just don't have cable.

BU (Unknown)

Another thing you could add is a countdown timer until your next post.



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