Rant Day | 11/10/08

You know what pisses me off (today)? The fact that Prince comes right after Primus on my playlist. There I am, getting huge or wrangling semicolons or putting obvious accent marks in for lame-o performers and rocking out pretty hard. I'm going for a good hour or two and then I hear it--a live version of John the Fisherman with the introduction of Rush's YYZ. Because I downloaded the song illegally like ten years ago in college it's mislabeled as YYZ, probably by some then-17 year old (like I was) who didn't want to listen past the first 10 seconds. Anyway, it comes on and I KNOW it's coming--Prince. I hate Prince and I'm not ashamed to say it. I hate all his stuff much in the same way I hate U2--it's not from a lack of interaction with the music--it's from the interaction with the music. Just knowing that Prince is coming up on my playlist makes me have to stop working to change it. Yeah, I could just delete the Prince off the playlist but I like to have all the un-retired songs on there just in case. Plus, if I removed the Prince, it would go next to Procol Harum which would remind me of hanging out with Don in college and drinking beer and watching X-files. That doesn't really inspire me to do work either.


BU (Unknown)

Time to buy some Sonia Prina.



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