It's Just Fact | 11/11/08

Yesterday afternoon I was editing a steel drum piece from a few years back; making edits and whatnot to prepare some new parts. As I'm listening to the recording I have this thought: I might be the best the entire world. Unlike my belief about playing corner for Quincy University, I have solid evidence that I might be the best composer for steel pans in the world: people buy it, people play it, and while I've heard individual songs that are better than individual songs of mine, I can't think of anyone who has out-written me with any sort of consistency. Even having avoided the genre for a few years to "round out", I'm all but certain that no one has stepped up to overthrow me. I'm particularly fond of the arrangers who have no creative skill but think they're awesome because they started with a good song and didn't ruin it. That's not composing, bitches. But yeah, if you're reading this and think you're better than me in any way...uh, why don't you go ahead and bring it?

To say I've been in a lousy mood the past couple of days doesn't do justice to the word "lousy". It's just one of those periods where you'd like to say to the world at large, "Seriously, can you stop taking a dump on me for five consecutive minutes so that I can at least catch my breath?" and then the world at large is all "Hah! Now hold still so I can get most of this load on you." Oh well, it's almost FriendFest2008 (see the counter in the green bar).


SC (Unknown)

I think I'm a better pan composer than you too. I also believe Texas' offense is better than WV and that I am the most amazing person to ever stop the triple option threat repeatedly. That is all.

Here's my ranting, dream induced reply to your last two days of entries.

Mike (Unknown)

That is a dream. No one can stop the triple option.

T-Chris (Unknown)

I may not be able to stop the triple option, but I've contained it fairly well at times. I'll tell you what's unstoppable: the Slot Wheel. You can vouch for that, seeing as you ran that play a couple of times the last time we tussled. Now, if only I could get the Texas Cross to be as effective, then I'd be all set.

Mike (Unknown)

You never really got to see the triple option because you'd always score with Slot Wheel and I needed to score fast with the Gun N' Gun to be competitive. Had we ever had a nail-biter where I needed to manage the clock I would have brought it out. There's no clock management against you--I need every second so I can put up the "answer-score". Stupid Slot Wheel.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Good point. Stupid Triple Option. Curse you, #35!!!



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