November 12 of 12 | 11/12/08

8am: Checking the morning traffic numbers to make sure I'm not destitute (I'm not yet [yet]). Yeah, look at that trend upwards. Bam.

10:30am: I totally yelled at the guy in front of me at Starbucks. They were out of soy milk and he wouldn't let it drop. I'm sure if they could shoot soy milk out of their nips for you they would asshole but they can't so order something else or go home.

11am: It's a gray day in our nation's capital.

12pm: Oh my God, Chompy ate my lunch while I was photographing the gray day in our nation's capital. YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE CHOMPY.

12:30pm: Gross. I should have made chicken noodle soup at home but I was feeling lazy and stupidly through that Chicken Out might cook the chicken all the way through. Hah! At least they have good brownies.

1:30pm: Aww, Chompy tried to make amends by doing two loads of laundry and then putting herself back in her cage. How sweet.

3pm: I thought I'd try to get myself into a picture. It looks like I'm missing half a leg but I'm not. Otherwise I would have never made it back to that spot before the timer went off.

6:30pm: Wow, it gets dark early now. Look at all those ghost orbs--massless spirits (that's for you Steve).

7:00pm: After getting my fourth free Starbucks of the day I saw this trailer in the parking lot. I guess it's supposed to solicit pity about Hurricane Katrina but personally I think we've done PLENTY on that front.

8:15pm: Everyone else gets to play video games on Video Game Night but me. Boo hoo, life's rough in Glover Park.

10:45: Chompy sleeping with the Gingerbread Man.

12:30am: Trying to finish this stupid piece but doing a much better job of gChatting. Wow, my chair has seen better days.

Bonus: I got the tickets for FriendFest2008 and two parking passes. Now we can party and force two people to stay sober enough to drive us to and from the game. Not it!


Kim (Unknown)

Chicken Out and Panera are competing against each other to see who can make the worst chicken noodle soup. I am determined of it, otherwise there is just no reasonable explanation for how bad they both really are.

P-Chris (Unknown)

First let me say Not-it! Now what the hell happend to you last night? We waited and you never appeared. And then we saw that you were playing a game with someone other than us, Loudkid and BU. BTW when you aren't playing Loudkid dominates. Damn that Theory!!!

Mike (Unknown)

I think Panera is gross in general. I've never had their soup but I'd believe it's nasty.

So that's two not-its. Hopefully someone will be willing to take one for the team at some point. My wii wouldn't connect to the room so while you guys were playing I was updating firmware. Exciting--too exciting to be captured on film.

BU (Unknown)

Who gets soup when they're not getting Chinese delivery? Weird-y.



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