Music of the Caribbean | 02/25/04

What a rough day! A ton of people skipped Atonal today. I was extremely confused by the presentation too. I thought I understood it but I am definitely lacking the basic skills that I need. Oh well. I came home and got a lot of cleaning done. My vacuum still sounded like it was going to explode, but I managed to vacuum up a little bit of Styrofoam before the power went out. Unlike previous my-fault power outages, this one wiped out a mile square. Although chastised for buying so many clearance vanilla-scented candles on my last trip to Target, they came in very useful today. I tried to make the best of the power outage and cleaned my kitchen while there was still a considerable amount of light. This cleaning included, *gasp*, a mopping of the kitchen floor. I was able to get off a lot of crap but there are still a couple marks here and there. At least the second version of Chompy being constructed underneath my stove was able to be halted before the last 50 strands of her fur were collected. Once I had to revert solely to candlelight, I went into my bedroom to do some reading for my Music of Caribbean class. I made it through about forty pages before I fell asleep mid-sentence. I remember having weird dreams but I can't remember the topic. I would believe that it could have been about me being a conquistador but I'm not sure exactly. Jamie woke me up with a call and I cleaned up a little more in bedroom since the power had turned back on during my Van Winklesque slumber. After checking my email, the power went out again. I relit all my candles and found my battery-powered electric blue boom box, which I purchased to display my compositional wares for the Fulbright Committee a couple years ago. The sound was terrible but the Led Zeppelin Blues Tribute CD I was playing was even worse. Jamie and I went to Applebee's tonight. We also got some delicious coffee from Java Heads. I hate that place but man, their coffee is great. Fortunately this time I did not have to sustain a conversation with any now-enlightened individuals who had read the Cliff Notes of Kafka's Metamorphosis. I also thought it might be fun to explain some of the art pieces in my apartment, as I take some of them down to help reduce my constant feeling of clutter-claustrophobia. I fear that this page might becoming so large that it will take a long time for it to load. I hope that's not the case, but you never know--according this program, it allegedly takes 994 seconds to load. Although I don't have a degree in math, that seems like it would take about 16 minutes to full load and I have a real hard time believing that.

Today's featured piece is the only Mike-made art in my kitchen. The yellow panel in the lower right-hand corner was supposed to be a flower. I was trying to copy this piece of art I saw on a Soprano's episode when Mark and I used to hang out and eat pork roast every Sunday. This picture had a yellow background and this abstract looking flower with a HUGE blossom. Lacking any sort of artistic talent, I did not draw a small stem with a huge blossom but rather a thick stem with a tiny, misshapen blossom. Oops. It was so hideous that I decided to add some crazy stick-leaves. Once it was done, while I wasn't happy with it, I figured it could be salvaged if I made it into a grouping. I kind of picked the background colors by grabbing randomly into the paint-box. For some reason, I thought it would be more fun to have the crazy stick-leaves look sort of like they were dancing so I made them all go different directions unlike any of the others. Once I'm dead and famous, there will be a huge search for the mysterious fifth panel of this. Not being particularly detail oriented, my first attempt at the blue panel was painted on a canvas significantly larger than the first. I didn't realize this of course until it was done. Although I'm not sure where specifically it is, I think it's probably between the mattresses at Kathy's house. I have named it: Dancing Flowers: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bad Art.




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