FriendFest 2008 | 11/17/08

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I haven't updated in a while. I've been busy (making that graphic). FriendFest 2008 is coming in a mere four days. I'm thinking that FSU is going to be crushed by Maryland so maybe next year we could have FriendFest 2009 at like Blacksburg or somewhere we actually might get to see our team win. I can you tell you guys right now it's going to be cold. I guess that only applies to Tim (who I only had one picture of [and finding that one took almost an hour]) since he's the only one that still lives in a temperate climate. Four days!

I know no one on planet Earth but me cares, but I'm totally #3 in Pick 'Em after moving up from #15 just a few weeks ago. Had Troy won like they were supposed to I could have been in #2 but alas.

Since everyone has stopped reading by this point anyway, the Cubs are playing an exhibition game against the Yankees in April. Who's down for a trip to New York (perhaps my next home)?

Speaking of doings things, does anyone want to see The Eagles on Thursday night? I'm not really a huge fan but I feel like seeing them is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities because hey, they're getting old and could start dying off. Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're always on tour--I want to go and can get good tickets; I have connections (thanks HGA).


BU (Unknown)

When did Chompy become a biped?

Mike (Unknown)

She's dancing. Originally, I drew her a tail but it looked like poop so I decided against it.

SC (Unknown)

Depending when the games in April are, I might be down for one of those.

MC (Unknown)

April 3rd and 4th.

Meg (Unknown)

what the heck is Friend Fest??

Mike (Unknown)

Uh, where my friends come to town and we play poker and watch football?

Bus fare from NYC is cheap...

KBS (Unknown)

Shouldn't Tim be the one on the airplane?

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah but at first you were going to be on the plane and Chris was going to be on the ground with a remote control but I ran out of room and didn't want to redo the whole thing.

KBS (Unknown)




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