Speeding Ticket DC | 11/18/08

Fathers, lock up your daughters. Mothers, cover your sons' eyes. Mike is tooling around Georgetown at 36MPH.

Yesterday I got a speeding ticket in the mail...sort of. I actually got a "You didn't pay us for your speeding ticket" and now you owe $100..ticket. If you know my driving, you know this is hilarious because not only do I not speed, I rarely even go the speed limit. This ticket would be more believable had it been on the Toll Road for not going the minimum. As it is, though, I was driving 36MPH and that gross abuse of general safety was enough to merit a speeding ticket.

I (of course) was not pulled over for this ticket so some parked object or overhead device clocked me blazing through DC at 36MPH. There's no appeal, no points off the license, no nothing. Just $100. Because there was no easily findable appeal process I paid it last night. I understand that the city needs money but I think it's really crappy of them not to have sent me the first ticket when I could have paid $50. It's not like I'll see $100 worth of improved city police services. There's one cop in Glover Park and his only job is ask me what I'm doing outside when I'm out with the dog. Oh, I'm sorry officer, I was standing on my property with my dog. Enjoy your $100 Christmas bonus.


SC (Unknown)

What is the speed limit of where you were "speeding?" And believe me, you don't have to tell me you don't speed. Maybe it is a ticket from you driving 45 in the middle lane of the highway when we were moving you in.

Jamie (Unknown)

What road were you on? I had no idea about these secret devices! I think this city is so broke that it tries to make up lots of money in silly fines like this. I've had 2 $100 parking tickets...100 bucks for a parking ticket! But yeah, tell me what road you were on.

Mike (Unknown)

The speed limit was apparently 25mph. It was the 2900 block of Arizona--on the way to the Chain Bridge.

I probably should have gotten a ticket for going 45 in the truck but in my defense it was at night and was nearly a semi. We were also driving on unfamiliar roads. See? See how safe I am?

Jamie (Unknown)

Oh! There's that police car that sits on that block with no one in it. I think they have some sort of device in there. Man...25mph is tough!

BU (Unknown)

I'm guessing they were trying to stop white flight to the suburbs.



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