Unfortunate | 11/19/08

This morning, chasing Chompy outside, I fell down the cement stairs and gave myself some pretty awesome cuts and bruises. By "pretty awesome" I mean bloody and painful. I do not do well with blood except in emergency circumstances and since my life was not in danger I took the opportunity to weird myself out while leaking life's red nectar. I'm not a very clumsy person so I don't really remember the last time I fell accidentally and in karate it was always (ok, usually) expected so I had kind of forgotten how crappy it is to have a physical injury; namely the kind that you inflict upon yourself.

I just wrote another paragraph about today's post-lunch drive but it made me sound cruel and petty (neither untrue) so I deleted it.

FriendFest2008 starts tomorrow when Tim arrives from Georgia. Here's a heart-warming story about an FSU football player. Go State!


BU (Unknown)

Looks more like scabies. Gross.

Mike (Unknown)

That is gross.

SC (Unknown)

That!? That is what you were bitching about this morning? My goodness, how could you ever play CB for Quincy?

Mike (Unknown)

Everything looks better eight hours afterwords. Had I taken it fresh you'd be yaking in your computer chair.

KBS (Unknown)

Seriously? That's what you didn't want me to look at during lunch for fear I'd toss my cookies (tater tots)? That is nothing! Wuss.



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