Happy Five Year Blogiversary | 11/20/08

Since it's my 5 Year Blogiversary I thought I'd give everyone an updated that didn't suck: one that was totally correct with both spelling and grammar. In order to do this, I decided to use a lot of pictures (I know that comma wasn't totally necessary). Anyway, our first picture was from when I was...5 and in kindergarden. It was letter people day, and I was, obviously, the Letter M. Note that the eye patch was not because I was a pirate but in fact because I had a lazy eye.

With FriendFest 2008 about to kick off, I figured a nice long entry filled with pictures would give me an excuse not to update (not that I need excuses). Have a great weekend and I'll hopefully see you at FriendFest 2008.

Age 4: Look at that straight hair. Ah, those were days.

Age 5ish: I am so cute! Look at my small features. Damn puberty and repeated nose-breakings.

Fifth Birthday: Living the good life and opening presents.

Age Ten: Steve and I dressed in matching Cubs outfits before a game.

Sixth grade band trip. I'm the frail-looking one in case you weren't able to figure it out.

Seventh Grade: My partner, Brian, and I won the Science Fair but lost at "State" because we didn't have some form signed or something. Enter my lifelong love of disorganization.

1994: Frightening to think that I even survived high school at all. Frightening.

1997: Girls love nerds. Remember that, nerds.

1997 (college): Sitting around and thinking how busy I was. This picture might confirm (if the rest haven't) that I am the least-photogenic person on the planet.

2000: Hooray, at least I started listening to better music. Definitely growing in my body by now.

2001 (college): At Matt and Rosemary's wedding. Highlights aside, that might be the best my hair has ever looked.

2001 (grad school): Kathy and I were very ambitious. We had a bobble-headed dog who was named Cathy.

2003: Grad school living. Kathy, Brian, Me, and Chompy sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I have to assume Mark C. took that picture since he rounded our group until he married.

2004: School's out forever. Roadtrip (and looking good).

2005: I was an emo kid for Halloween. I just realized this now but I like having no sleeves on shirts.

2005: Steel band trip to Miami. This picture has the most number of friends in it out of all my pictures.

200?: Me and Chompy, hanging out.

2006: Getting ready to go snorkeling. This picture is infamously on a deck of playing cards. I don't know where those cards are.

2006: Me and Steve along with my grandma. I look an electric bassist who can't read music.

2007: Oops, got a little out of order. Marty, Chris, Me, and Jamie watching FSU win back when they used to win.

2007: Let the record show that the cowardly reaction I have is only because I had just gotten the yellow belt. I'd man up now and take one of Christine's kicks to the face now (or I guess at least attempt to block it).

2007: FriendFest 2007 in Bloomington, Indiana.

Today: I'm looking cranky because this took way too long to make. On the bright side, I'm over wearing bandanas.


BU (Unknown)

The picture of us was taking on January 8, 2002 when we were all studying for the Listening Exam. Mark mused about whether our pieces would ever be on some future Listening Exam. "Damnit, it's that Connor piece again."

KBS (Unknown)

Best. Post. Ever.

I want an M costume. Did your mom make that?

sunshine (Unknown)

hi mike!

the m costume is pretty hot.

Mike (Unknown)

How on earth are you able to remember specific days like that?

Yeah, my mom made the M costume. She also provided the first four photos; pretty awesome on both counts.

T-Chris (Unknown)

I love the prom photo. It's like an episode of "Beauty and Geek." Not that I have any room to talk...

SC (Unknown)

Wow, looking back on all of these pictures gives me hope of what I might someday be able to do with my life.

Mike (Unknown)

haha, Beauty and Geek. It was at that moment that I realized "Wait a minute. I too can date hot girls."

And the rest is history. Maybe I'll do an ex-girlfriend retrospective down the line. Hah.

Tree (Unknown)

I can't believe you posted a pic of you wearing a White Sox cap, I figured you would have at least blacked it out. 'Cause you know, they were the better team, the Cubs still sucked and are still stupid, etc, etc. I remember the Alphabet Costume Day. I was the letter "R", for "rubber bands", which my mom just half-assedly taped some rubber bands to my '84 Sox cap & R sign. Ah, there's ol' Timmy Smyser and Cult Tomasone. See, everybody? Mike didn't always have pubic hair on his head!

Jamie (Unknown)

In the prom picture, you look like a young Bob Saget.

And that might have been one of the best halloween costumes ever.

Rebecca (Unknown)

wow, way to post pictures where you're actually smiling at the camera! Happy Blogiversary!

Tree (Unknown)

Well that was a waste of $500 of a prom night he'll never get back.

Mike (Unknown)

I smile in pictures now. People used to do a better job of saying "look normal" (hint hint).

SC (Unknown)

I said the same thing about Bob Saget. I personally know he couldn't have had $500 for prom, since I used to steal his money out of the secret money cup on his top shelf (surprise!). I had friends who dropped close to $700 by the time they got tux, food, limo, and hotel rooms and then the stupid shit the day after prom. I, thankfully, wasted only about $250.

As I went through the same schooling, I was the Letter Person J.

BU (Unknown)

Dinner and a wearable flower. $60

Tree (Unknown)

So Mike was "M" and Steve was "J". Either of you remember what you went as? If I was "J", I'd go as 'jelly', so I could eat jelly all day and cover myself with jelly so I'd be all sticky and have flies all around me (of course I wasn't that demented at that age yet). M... can't be Starvin' Marvin, he wasn't invented yet. Masticater? Masturbator? Milton Berle?

Tree (Unknown)

Why would anyone even go to Prom anyway? It's stupid, and it's such a waste of money, and dressing up is never fun. I've seen these news reports on these spoiled rich teens and the obscene amount of money and lengths they went for their proms, it was sickening. All I heard from my buddies is "I ate a lot of food, dropped a ton of money, and I didn't get laid". Obviously males and females have two completely different expectations when it comes to prom.



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